Stunt Whips

Free Shipping in the USA. Every whip includes 5 “crackers”.

Sparkler Whip

This is a Sparkler Whip, they were made to throw out sparks as they are used. It literally looks as if the person using this whip is standing in an exploding fire work. 

Watch as Nathan King, who invented the Sparkler Whip, demonstrate it during a night-time performance. Listen to the cheers and awe of the audience as you get to see the same presentation from two angles.

Watch Adam Winrich, a whip-cracking champion, using a Sparkler Whip

Find more YouTube whip videos by Adam Winrich HERE.

Your Sparkler Whip will be custom made once we receive your order. Please allow 10-14 days for production. 

Cost: $200 – Free shipping in the U.S.A. – Contact Us for international orders. 

The Fire Whip

Although we love Fire Whips, we don’t make them but we’ll gladly recommend that you contact Adam Winrich at That’s where we get ours!

Watch Nathan King demonstrate a fire whip at night with a variety of cracks and even a quick body wrap.