Nathan King is the founder of Pineapple Whips. He is also the creator of the “Sparkler Whip”.

Adam Winrich using a Sparkler Whip

Find more YouTube whip videos by Adam Winrich HERE.

How Nathan Learned Whip-Cracking

Nathan bought his first whip in Mexico. He began practicing and within a week, the whip was falling apart. It was cheap and poorly made but give him a desire to find a better whip and to keep practicing. Nathan began making some of his early whips and met a former whip-fighter in a hardware store who gave him tips on how to make a practice whip, how to learn new whip skills and was the first person to tell him about a fire whip. He also told Nathan about Adam Winrich, a champion whip-cracker, from who Nathan learned a lot.

Now Nathan gets to share with groups using his whip skills, fire whips and the Sparkler whip. He also does fire stunts such as eating fire and the “fire hands”. Nathan is a Christian who received Christ as his Lord and Savior at a young age. He now uses his talents to share the truth of God’s Word and how Jesus can change lives. Learn more about how Nathan uses his whips in this way – Click HERE.

Why “Pineapple” Whips?

It’s not because they taste great or because the whips give a tropical scent when they are popped (because they don’t.) When Nathan was younger, he was talking with an Apple device which frustrated him and he decided he would someday created a company that would rule the world: Pineapple. Why are there bites out of the Pineapple? We actually don’t know but we think it’s cool. Plus we’ve heard somewhere of an apple with one bite but if something is really good, why not take two? After all, if you’re talking about fruit, lemons are sour, limes are demented and pineapples are cool.


When you check out, your receipt will show a payment to ThreeThirtyMinistries. Pineapple Whips is currently under the umbrella of ThreeThirtyMinistries and all payments go through them. Learn more about ThreeThirtyMinistries and the King Family HERE.